"I would just like to say thanks Dwight for allowing me to be involved with such a great line of bird dogs."

-Clyde Woodward
vom Buffeltaler Kennel
Our puppies will hunt fur or feather on land or in water!
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Good news, I ran Aiko in the NA test yesterday and he scored a perfect 112 prize 1. I was worried about the water work as he has not had the best entry and has refused to retrieve a few times. At the test he charged into the water on both retrieves. I couldn't believe it, I think he understands test/training days (when other dogs are present) and puts his game face on and just gets fired up. He did an outstanding job and was admired by everyone, especially some of the young kids who were at the test. He is everything I wanted in a hunting dog and a family pet. My kids just love him, especially my daughter who is 7 months old. Now that she is crawling, when he is in the house she is always with him and he is very gentle with her and forgiving of her grabbing at him. He does a great job of keeping us informed when someone comes to the house but shuts it off if he knows the person or if told its ok. He is a great dog! Hunting season opens in two weeks and I can't wait to get him out. I'm sure we'll have a blast. We will be hunting grouse, woodcock, and ducks. Thanks again for breeding a wonderful companion. Good luck with your upcoming hunting season.

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I believe that a letter of thanks and commendation for the pup you have produced for my family is long over due. Duke, is every thing that I could ever wish for in a dog. First let me express that his appearance is exceptional. Duke has a beautiful coat and beard which is seemingly water repellent and briar proof. His disposition in the home and in my truck is mild mannered. He is also a perfect gentleman around guests who are some what alarmed at first at his out burst as they approach our home; only to find that this seemingly "Big Bad Wolf" merely wants to lick them to death. Duke also loves children, and my two nephews (2 and 8) can't get enough of him.

Yet more on the business side of things Duke knows when it is time to turn it on. From the day I have picked him up from your Kennel I have continued with the socialization process which you began. I safely introduced him to as many different children, adults, dogs and even horses as possible. Not to mention as many different environments as I could bring him to - from Bistro's to pheasant fields and wet lands. This process is never ending and for him only being a 7 month old puppy tomorrow (September 10, 2005) I can not even Begin to express how pleased I am with his development. At four months old Duke was formally introduced to Bob White Quail. And shortly after that I introduced him to the blank pistol. At four and a half months old Duke was searching for and finding planted quail which he then pointed and retrieved to me after I had winged them with my 20 gauge shot gun. And since that time my father and I have killed a dozen hen pheasants over him on two different occasions. His natural ability and desire to find game and to please are unrivaled. These are not only my words, but also the words of the many dog handlers and trainers at my Hunting and Fishing Club. Where I am more than eager to show off his ability to make triple and quadruple marked retrieves out of the Club's lake.

Last week my fiancé Jamie and I went Dove hunting with Duke and our 11 year old German Short haired Pointer - Butter. We were able to bag a half dozen birds. But only with the help of our trained companions were we able to claim our prize from the grown corn and wheat fields. And to add to the pleasure of the time and training I have spent with Duke I am able to boast even more today! My Father and I took Duke to a local River here in the Pittsburgh area in search for Canada Geese. We were able to knock down 3 adult geese, with our twelve gauge shot guns. But let me mention that two of these full grown birds were cripples. Duke was up to the challenge and my father and I are looking forward to sharing the photos with all of our friends and any one who is pleased in tales of fine dog work.

Dwight, after all of the research I have spent looking for the perfect Upland and Waterfowl and Family Dog, I am glad that my diligence led me to your outstanding Kennels. Thank you from all of my family including Duke and Butter, Donny Zarra

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Just a note to let you know how Fritz my puppy from your "F" litter is doing. FRITZ is great with people, but when there are children around he doesn't know adults exist. I have been working with Fritz but not pushing him because he is only eight months old. He retrieve's, swims well and also points and he has been shot around. New York State has a law that you can't have a dog in the field until August 15th because of young birds. It is August 15th the first day you can have a dog in the field, so I was up early this morning and took Fritz to some state land near here. The front of this area is pheasant cover however the back is woods and swamp. We hunted the front with no flushes however Fritz covered the ground like an experienced dog. When we got to the back area we flushed three woodcock but Fritz didn't recognize woodcock as a game bird - which is the case with many young dogs. We moved on through the swamp, but I kind of lost track of Fritz for a minute because I couldn't hear his bell. I found Fritz on point and he would not move, I pulled out my blank pistol and walked in front of Fritz and a young ruffed grouse flushed, fritz took another step and pointed again and another grouse flushed. This scene was repeated seven times until all of the grouse where gone. To say the least I was amazed at the way such a young dog handled all of those young grouse. I would just like to say thanks Dwight for allowing me to be involved with such a great line of bird dogs.
Thanks Again - Clyde Woodward

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I know, I just talked to you yesterday…. but I had to tell you….. Last night I open a bag of pheasant dry wings for training and I let Allie sniff one. Note that it was her first time ever touching a feather. She went completely crazy over it. It’s amazing how genetically transmitted instinct works. After letting her play with the wing for a few minutes, I took it from her and we went in the training field, where the grass is not too thick but about knee high. I attached the wing to a fishing line at the end of a 10’ bamboo pole and toss it into the wind. She immediately started searching like an old pro, just like you would see on TV from one of those champions. After a couple of attempts to catch the wing she started pointing it. She literally froze. On a couple of points she stood beautifully and absolutely motionless for at least one minute, with me moving around her and approaching. And we haven’t even started with the WHOA…! No check cord or anything on the pup. It was amazing. Like a dream. She was having so much fun trying to find that wing that we kept going and going for close to 30 minutes. At the end I couldn’t get her off the field: she just wanted to keep searching. I can’t wait to put her on some wild birds! This weekend I’m going to get some quails and let her play with some. Since she gets so intense I’ll take the opportunity to do some gunshot conditioning at the same time. All this confirms that my choice to go with the DD program was a wise one. These dogs are genetically-programmed hunting machines!
Thanks again
Mario Oderda

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Xane vom Buffeltaler (call name Otto) nine months old

Hey Dwight,

I hope the summer is treating you and the dogs well. I can't wait for the season to begin. I'm in the final stages of force fetch work with Otto. I've also been working on steadiness around the blind. He is pointing really well. I worked him on a couple of 10 week old pheasants recently and he worked them like a pro. He pointed one of them 7 times over a 200 yard stretch before finally pinning her at the end of the field. I figured if anyone could appreciate it you would. Once the season rolls around, I'll give you a call to grab an adult beverage if you are around. 


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Thought I would share a little of the progress we have made with ABE 2 (Call name Agrippa or aka “My Baby” to my wife Jessica) out of Santo and Neena’s “A” litter. Everyone wants to be able to brag about their dogs but Dwight I honestly have to say, at 4 months old, he is well beyond what I was expecting to accomplish by this age…in the field and in the home! He has an over the top prey drive and is afraid of nothing, which is not always a good thing, but has been the best behaved puppy in the home I have ever seen! He has been in the house with my wife and I since I brought him home and has not once chewed on anything that was not his toy…all furred or feathered game outside the house however he has declared were put on earth just for him! High or low test score at this point really doesn’t matter…he’s our family; However, if I can do my part, he definitely has the skills to excel as a versatile hunting dog!

Here is a list of where we’re at through 4 months:

Come, sit, and stay 100% in a controlled environment.
Heel 80%...we will be there in a few more weeks.
Fetches dead game and bumpers when thrown only when released.
Very consistent on dead rabbit drags out to 200yrds-needs to get on more live rabbits
Swims well and will charge the water but we need much spend much more time on direction
I have now shot about 35 planted chukkar over him in the past three weeks- he is starting to use the sent cone and the ground now-he started to firm up his point at bird six but we still got a lot of work to do- at bird 12 he started to connect the dots on retrieve to shot but a lot of work still ahead-he has however found and retrieved every single bird that was hit back to me-including two fast running cripples- with the second cripple he decided to power leap into the briar bush that the bird ran into and it took me 10 minutes to cut him out- he still had the bird! Some of these were only 5 yard retrieves with the first birds but he found them with his nose just the same and brought them to me.

It’s not about how fast they develop, it’s about the finished dog you have in the end and we are having a blast trying to get there!

Shane Kitts
Shane and Agrippa 

Thought you would like an update. Holly is turning out as you promised. Slowly learning her boundaries and limitation. She is wonderful around people and other dogs (the latter which tends to get her in a bit of trouble). Very energetic in the field and is not afraid of anything such as swimming, gun fire, breaking cover etc. all of which she is slowly being exposed to, except for swimming where she took it on herself to swim out to Brie who was busy chasing a bumper in the bay.

Brie has properly established that she is alpha.

Anyway at this point thank you for breeding a very nice puppy.

My wife is thinking of changing her name from Holly to "Oh, she is so cute" since probably sixty people last week at the shore said that and then asked permission to cuddle her, which was generally granted (great socialization).

We have NAVHDA training scheduled for this weekend so she will have a chance to puppy around with chukars, dead pheasants and we'll do something with a duck.


Hope all is well! I've been wanting to email you all season and update you on Duce, who is Rugers brother, but if I would have emailed you every time I was amazed, happy, or killed something over Duce I would've been emailing you after every hunt. I ended the season killing 35 pheasants off of him on various game lands, from the first day of season until our final kill on the next to last Saturday. Between the youth season and friends there were an additional 6 pheasants shot off of him. I did raise a few quail and pheasants last summer and exposed them to him on a regular basis but I never expected to have our first season go so well. No matter what type of cover we hunt he seems to know how to adapt to let me kill birds. If we are in fields he points, if we are near thick cover he's in the thick cover like a beagle. And as you know the later the season goes the more they stick to the cover. Also I'm convinced after the shot is his favorite part, the retrieve. I never had to "hunt" for a bird after a shot all year, every one came back to my feet. The list of things retrieved this past season is not that of a typical bird dog. I've had pheasants, ducks, rabbits, squirrels, a coon, and a fox all brought back to me. Also had him try to bring me porcupines on 3 occasions and a skunk a few weeks ago, but I've finally learned not to let him out to do his business before bed unattended. I could keep going on about the past year and a half but what it all comes down to is if not for you and your program I wouldn't be having the fun I'm having or learned what I've learned this past season. I plan on coming over with Trent one of these times to catch up a little more but until then here's a few pics from this past season. Thanks again!

  Ed Messimer
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Ivy’s drive is amazing. Clears the field of birds. Finds lost deer for people and is a monster on ducks. 
Thanks for the great dog.