I thank you for your interest in the Deutsch Drahthaar (DD) breed and vom Büffeltaler Kennels.

We pride ourselves in producing puppies that will hunt fur and feather on land or in water and will be a family friendly companion. This is not how I earn a living, but rather how I enjoy life.

My breeding goal is to produce a line of DD’s that exhibit the desire to hunt, the natural desire to retrieve both on land and in the water and have a temperament suitable for family life, especially with children. We have been able to accomplish this through line breeding, which consistently gives us the results we are looking for.

Our dogs spend time in the field hunting as well as in our home. These dogs are people friendly and have never exhibited any aggression toward anyone. They are friendly with other dogs as well as our grandchildren.

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Our puppies will hunt fur or feather on land or in water!
We pride ourselves in breeding friendly dogs!
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A testimonial to our breeding program.

Dr. Jeffrey Hayer of Greenfield, Mass. and his puppy Willow vom Buffeltaler (call name Mina) started hunting in 2014. Mina was just 4 months old when the season began and six months old when it ended. This is the list of game Jeff killed over her; 35 pheasants, 8 chukar, 10 huns, 2 grouse, and 2 wood cock. Quite an accomplishment for such a young dog!

She also followed up on all downed birds retrieving 80% of them and remaining with the other birds until the hunter arrived. Mina has great personality, is very biddable, and a wonderful companion according to Jeff.  
Dr. Jeffery Hayer and Mina