Bruno vom Eckenstein
Test score- VJP 71
HZP-Hegewald 222
NAVHDA NA 112 prize one
utility 201 prize 1

Nova vom Buffeltaler 
(breedable female) 
DOB May 22, 2010
Test scores- VJP 67
HZP 168 
(coat and confirmation pending)

Breeding healthy productive dogs is our top priority.
Louie vom Buffeltaler (male stud)
Test scores- VJP 72
HZP 192
Utility test 204 prize one

Invitational test score-197 prize 1 and was awarded the Versatile Champion title
vom Buffeltaler Kennel
Our puppies will hunt fur or feather on land or in water!
Our Dogs (Breedable Males and Females)
We take pride in the quality of our breed-able dogs. We are satisfied that we can deliver you a healthy puppy.

If you have any questions regarding our dogs or would like more information, please contact us.
Jahra ll v. Eikendorf 
(breedable female)
VJP 75
HZP 210 +10 Hegewald
VJP 319 prize one
coat 9
conf. 10
20 hour and 40 hour blood track

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Neena ll vom Spanger Forst  
(breedable female) 
Test Scores-  VJP 70
HZP (Hegewald) 233 
 VGP 335 prize ll
Santo vom Hohenfeld 
(male stud) 
DOB Dec.07, 2007. 
Test scores- VJP 74 
track 11 
use of nose 10
search 10
pointing 11
cooperation 11
HZP 196 with a 12 in duck search
VGP 328 prize one
coat and confirmation 11/10

Lenka vom Duwelsbarg
(breedable female) 
Test scores- VJP 75
HZP (Hegewald)  211 
Form 9
Coat 10

Venus v.d. Spanger-forst
(breedable female) 
Test scores- VJP 73
HZP 208.5
At 14 months of age. Her coat is an 11 and her confirmation is a 10. Height is 59cc and length is 61cc.

Mira vom Muhlbachtal
(breedable female) 
Test scores- VJP 71 & 76
HZP (Hegewald) 176 & 206.5
Form 9
Coat 8

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